Sarcoma UK is the only cancer charity in the UK focusing on all types of sarcoma.

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About Sarcoma UK

We work with patients, carers, supporters, health professionals and researchers to drive awareness of sarcoma, promote early diagnosis and improve patient experience.

We pledge to invest over £3 million into sarcoma research by 2020 with the aim of finding effective treatment for the disease within the next 10 years.

We are the only UK charity providing personal support and expert information on sarcoma. In February 2016, we launched our national Support Line.

We aim to increase survival rates by at least 10% by 2020. Early diagnosis saves lives.

We provide education and training for GPs to help them recognise the symptoms of sarcoma.

We are a young charity that supports one strong, caring and mutually-supportive community. We are seen as a lifeline by some.

We are staffed by a small team managed by a board of trustees< (many with personal experience of sarcoma), and supported by experts in the sarcoma field.

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