We are Rasdio

Doing good since 2012

We are Rasdio. A Radio station unlike any you've ever seen.

Who we are

We never handle donations you make to charities, we simply record them. Because of this you can rest assured your money goes directly to the cause and not to us, cutting out the middle man.

What we do

Rasdio is an annual radio show that is preformed by Team Rasdio over the course of 24 hours. People can donate directly to charities we are championing and by doing so change lives for the better.

Changing the world for the better


Raised for charity since 2012

Meet Team Rasdio

The people responsible for changing lives for the better. They sacrifice sleep for charity so that money can be raised for those who need it.

Peter Day

Rasdio Founder

Hannah Berry

Event & Charity Co-ordinator

Steve Wall

Event Director

Martin Tindell

Rasdio Co-founder

Lauren Day

Marketing & Show Ops

Henry Fitzgerald


Gem Marie