Rasdio is a project created by Peter Day and Martin Tindell in 2012 and branched from a then weekly radio station into a force for good raising money for those in need by broadcasting for 24 hours.

Direct help

We never handle donations you make to charities, we simply record them. Because of this you can ensure your money goes directly to the cause.

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Care at our core

Every member of Team Rasdio comes from the background of knowing just how much those in need need help.

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Help no matter what

Rasdio has been a big believer in getting help to those who need it whatever it may be. We are big advocates of support of Mental health problems which is one of the largest issues that is often underfunded and ignored, as well as those who cannot call for help and are often abused such as Cats and Dogs. It's vitally important to all of us here at Rasdio that everything and everyone gets the help they deserve.

100% To the cause

Unlike most, your donations remain donations.

Rasdio is a big believer in not taking payment directly via our platform. It ensures that 100% of all donations remain 100% as intended and that the charity you back gets every penny.

Changing the world for the better


Raised for charity since 2012

  • Mental Health charities aided
  • Animal charities helped
  • Children in need supported
  • Cancer charities helped