Martin Tindell

Rasdio Co-founder

Martin Tindell has been around within the team since the birth of what is affectionately known as "The Challenge" after a sudden idea to host a 24 hour charity show came hurtling out of his mouth on one of the infamous "Day and Tindell" shows from the "TheRadio" days in 2012 co-hosted by none other than Peter Day. In attendance of all apart from the 2013 "The Challenge" broadcast Martin Tindell has become a host you can expect to find among the broadcasters of "The Challenge" shows! Martin has chosen to represent Endometriosis UK for the 2018 show, this being the second time he has chosen to represent this charity.

Endometriosis is a common condition mostly found in women of a childbearing age, however can also affect women who have had their menopause. Endometriosis causes tissues to behave like the lining of the womb causing bleeding, pain, discomfort and can cause fertility issues up to the point of infertility. The cause is unknown, as is the cure, but that"s where Endometriosis UK comes in to offer help to Women with the condition, with the ultimate goal to find ways of curing and preventing Endometriosis for good!

Martin Tindell is representing this worthwhile cause to show support for a close friend whom suffers with this condition. After discovering that she had this condition that affects her frequently with pain and discomfort he did some searching to discover Endometriosis UK, a little known charity fighting for a little known cause, even though Endometriosis is a common condition it is little known as many women go undiagnosed due to its symptoms occuring alongside a natural period of discomfort. Martin thinks that “raising awareness of this condition is just as important as raising money for Endometriosis UK, if "The Challenge 2018" helps even one Woman get treatment for Endometriosis and alleviate symptoms, then we have all done a fantastic job”

Martin is a seasoned veteran of "The Challenge" and has helped shape it into what it is today, hopefully his energy will help the show be bigger and better than ever this year!