Hannah Berry

Event & Charity Co-ordinator

About Hannah Berry

From "The Challenge" to "Redfox" and now to "Rasdio" Hannah Berry has been apart of Rasdio since 2015. This year will be her fourth attempt at entertaining those listening in a hope that you will all give money to one of the charities that we are supporting this year. In previous years Hannah Berry has out "awaked" everyone by holding up the show during the early hours of the morning while everyone else has been napping (much to her distain). She feels that this year will be no different but hopefully one of her work colleagues and new this year to the Rasdio team, presenter Rachael Tubby will be more than willing to help out. During Hannah Berrys' second show in 2016 we managed to raise the largest amount of money during one 24 hour livestream that the team has ever done to date. We are hoping this year we continue to raise (and hopefully beat) the £17,070.24 we raised in 2016 for charity and add to the combined total of £34,084.03 we have raised so far.

Hannah has chosen to support the charity CLIC Sargent. CLIC Sargent is a charity that works with the NHS to support children and young people who are diagnosed with cancer or a bone marrow failure disorder as well as support for their families. The charity provides emotional support, practical support, financial support, clinical support and accommodation support. She has chosen to support this charity this year due to seeing the impact that cancers can have on children and young people. Hannah currently works within the NHS as a biomedical scientist in the microbiology department. The side effects of having cancer can be seen in the work that she carries out daily and wanted to support a charity that would be able to help these children and young people.

Hannah Berry has appeared during

TheChallenge 2015
TheChallenge 2016