Alex Heritage


About Alex Heritage

Alex Heritage may be a relatively green addition to the Rasdio family, but that doesn’t make him any less brilliant. Having been present in one form or another throughout Peter's career as an online Radio Presenter, Alex officially joined the Rasdio team in 2016 where he promptly spent most of the event asleep on the sofa. Thankfully Alex Heritage was able to actually stay awake during the 2017 event and was witness to a wonderfully hilarious read of a terrible Death Note Fan Fiction and was the leading man in the discovery that Dogs can actually be currency! Though not really. In the upcoming Rasdio 2018 Alex Heritage will be supporting Guide Dogs UK as his main charity of choice, due to his love of dogs and admiration of the sight impaired.

In preparation for Rasdio 2018, Alex has been amassing an insane amount of bad puns, worse jokes and cringe inducing one liners, anything from Harry Potter Puns to making fun of his own supposed amazing hair as he raises money for his chosen charity. As well as a gargantuan amount of film and television references to either confuse, amuse or have anyone in their right mind wish they were either on his highly advanced intellectual level or able to tune him out.

Alex Heritage has always proudly displayed a love of Heavy Metal and Classic Rock in both Rasdio Charity events he has attended, 2018 will be no different, Alex intends to supply both music to bang your head to, cry along to or simply laugh along with ranging from classics such as AC/DC to The Hooters and anything in between.

Alex loves three things, movies, pizza and beer. All three of these things will be mentioned at some point. Having thoroughly enjoyed the last two Rasdio events, Alex Heritage is more than happy to return for a third and many more after that.