Why did I choose to support The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) again?

Steve Wall

The WWF as an organisation helps with and leads projects all around the world working to help save the lives and protect endangered species. They do this by trying to connect various sanctuaries and protected areas where the animals live, creating safe ways for animals to naturally migrate through the habitats as safely as possible. Some of the most endangered species they endeavour to


One of the WWFs big focusses right now is on palm oil. I'm sure by now you've all seen the Iceland's add with Rang-tan and the #NoPalmOilChristmas. This is one of the major causes for habitation loss for these and many of animals. The parts of the Rainforest are being torn down for plantation ground, in some cases the wood from this isn't even used for anything, creating nothing but destruction for a current fad food.

The WWF setup the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which works with the market to try and make all palm oil sustainable. Palm oil is in as much as 50% of the food in our market place today and because of this and other reasons they have lost 50% of there known habitat.

If by any chance you haven't seen it, watch the videos below.


How you can help before the show?

If you've already been checking your shopping to see if the food contains palm oil or if it does that it's from a sustainable source and you're wondering what else, you could do. WWF offer an adopt an Orangutan scheme, where you can donate as little as £3 a month! With this you get a super cute cuddly toy, an information pack and regular updates on their projects.

If for some strange reason Orangutans don't tug on those heart strings of yours, they also do the adoption for other animals including Lions, Rhinos, Penguins. Polar Bears, and many more

Why I chose to support WWF

All my life I have been surrounded by animals and I've always loved them and found them fascinating. If I'm entirely honest I'm one of those people that would generally stay indoors with my pets than go out into the big wide world full of people. So, when I was young, I decided I wanted to work in a career where I could surround myself with animals. As grew up and found out about all the endangered species in the world and all the projects to help save and protect them.

So, I set out to College to an animal husbandry course which would set me up on the path to go to University to work in my dream job of Conservation work. But alas is real life ever really that easy? To spare you any more reading about my personal life, suffice to say I couldn't pursue this career any longer due to disabilities.

When Peter Day told me about the show and asked if I'd like to be involved I jumped at the chance that I might help make a change for the better, even if not in the way I had originally thought I might.