Why Did I Choose Mind (UK) This Year?

Lauren Day

Although I am new to the Rasdio 24 hour broadcast I have had a close connection to this show since the beginning and have watched every year to take part in the merriment and hilarity, it truly is inspiring what they have accomplished so far and the charities they have helped.

The response has grown over the years and it is amazing to see how much the support has grown and this year I wanted to take so that I could contribute and hopefully raise some money for the charity Mind.

Why I wanted to help the charity of Mind specifically.

It is truly amazing the work that the incredible charity Mind do and everything they achieve with mental health patients. Donating to the cause would truly help the increasing number of people suffering with mental health that need help.

They help everyone they can from abuse victims to people with psychosis and go above and beyond to start campaigns to help everyone they can. With our support maybe a more people could be helped and even have their lives changed because of our help.

It would mean so much to me to have this charity supported as I personally have friends and family members that have been supported by this charity whose lives would have been very different if Mind had not been there to guide them.

Mind will help people through all stages of life and are prepared for many things that could come along within that. They provide people with care for free, with help from our donations, which often means it's provided to people who need it most and cannot afford a private psychiatrist or health care.

Additionally, they have even paired up in a campaign with royalty which has encouraged many more people to talk about mental health and raise further awareness within higher positions that something needs to be done about decreasing mental health. I cannot support this charity enough for what they are doing from all possible angles for the cause and showcasing the change they can make.

What's coming up for Rasdio19?

We have epic music and entertainment planned including visits from ambassadors for certain charities to fully educate people on the some of the causes and show just how important each charity is. We also hope to keep you guys entertained whilst raising as much money as possible collectively and competitively, with a competition between each of us to see who can raise the most for their individual charities.

We may not get much sleep but I think that'll be all the more entertaining for you guys to watch, right? 24 hours is going to be a killer but it'll all be worth it if we can beat our fundraising goal from last year which was unbelievable but let's make this year even more memorable by surpassing those crazy numbers! Hope to see you guys watching on the 27th-28th of July, don't miss it!