Planning a 24 Hour Radio Show For Charity (So Far)

Hannah Berry

We are currently just over 7 months away from the 2019 Rasdio Show and we are well under way with planning and organising the up and coming show. With 6 shows under our belt already we have become very good at realising what we need to make a bigger and better show than the year before. Each year brings new hosts, new charities, new tasks, new equipment and a whole host of other obstacles that we have to confront to make the show a reality.

Where do we begin? A group chat, each Rasdio show has its own group chat. We have found it a very easy form of communication that keeps everyone involved up to date will all new information. It also allows for better collaboration between everyone, ideas can be suggested and shared, polls posted and voted upon, links disseminated and lets not forget all the GIFs. The Rasdio 2019 group chat was started the day after the 2018 Rasdio Show had finished (if that's not dedication, I don't know what is). Although it remained quiet for a few months we added new members who wanted to get involved, we started deciding what we wanted to achieve and by October/November it was time to start choosing charities.

How do we choose a charity? Each member chooses a charity based on two main factors:

1- Personal reasons

2- Can we get text support through Vodafone®?

We work on a first come first serve basis. Members of team Rasdio pick 5 charities with most wanted first. We then work our way through the list skipping previously chosen charities by other members or those that are not supported on our SMS Donation platform.

We decided on a charity lineup!

Everyone's choice is personal to them and there are many registered charities that we have chosen to support in the past. We've previously elected to not support charities when data malpractice news has come up in the past. We care about the recipients of the donation and do not want our donators to suffer because of a kind act. Each year we try to support some different charities, however, some charities are personal to more than one member so features in most of the events. You'll be able to read why we chose out charities though our individual blog posts, keep an eye out.

What we also have to keep in mind is that so we are able to track how much we have donated during the show, the registered charities need to have text donations enabled on JustTextGiving® Powered by our SMS Provider Vodafone®. JustTextGiving is a web based fundraising platform based off JustGiving® which is an index of registered charities offering quick and easy donate methods.

By the time we have chosen the charities we reach the end of November. At this point our tech superstars take over. The Rasdio website is the cornerstone for our event. Although we call ourselves a radio show we don't actually broadcast via FM or DAB, we stream our show via the internet live with webcams using a streaming broadcast service that is built into our website. For the next 7 months our tech gods will be working on all stuff internet. Building the website, fixing issues learned from the prior year, integration with Vodafone® and the broadcast platform and keeping the blog up to date with everyone's submissions among other tasks.

Some of our source code

In the background by the end of December (the time at which this blog post is being written) all the other members (who are not technically minded) have been given roles including Chiefs of Advertising, Head Chef, Music Wizards, Charity Liaison Officer and Director. We are currently in the process or organising monthly video calls, blog post ideas, the plan for the actual show, working with the charities to see how we could use their help during our show and a whole host of other tasks that need to be completed along the way.

We will keep you updated of our progress during the next 7 months via the blog.