My Favourite Show (So Far)

Hannah Berry

There have been some very memorable shows with some special moments over the years.

The introduction of Huan, attack macaques, breaking one thousand pounds in four of our shows, good food, the nest and cards against humanity games are among some of my highlights. I have been very lucky to have been apart of the shows from 2015 onwards, we have all managed to raise a staggering amount of money for all the charities that we have supported over the years. All together over 50,000 pounds has been raised and we hope to keep adding to that total year on year!

During my time with rasdio there is one show that I have been apart of stands out as my favourite, my very first. I have helped raised money for charity before getting involved in rasdio, but nothing on the same level. All previous endeavours had been one off events that supported one particular charity. With rasdio it gave us an opportunity to help raise money for many charities over many years. My first experience with rasdio came with planning and setting up the 2015 show with the shows co-founders Peter Day and Martin Tindell. Peter and I had recently just moved in together and felt that we had the space needed to host the show.

The plan was hatched, host the show at ours! Gathering equipment, coming up with ideas for the show, advertising the event and making sure that everyone who was participating knew when to arrive and on what day. All of which went according to plan, we designed posters, the website that we stream through was created and updated and everyone knew what roles they played during the show.

D-day rolled around and it was time to put on the show. We all tried to get as many friends and family as we could to get the word out which ended up working in our favour. We ended up getting shared out on a minecraft gaming server. This ended up with an influx of gamers from all over the world tuning in, participating and donating.

The chat was active and everyone was getting involved making jokes, suggesting songs, suggesting features, setting us targets which actually helped spur us on and kept us going for 24 hours with no sleep. We had guest hosts throughout the show who allowed us some down time to relax. I baked everyone something as a reward for powering through the tiredness (they went down a treat!). Being the only girl participating that year, I managed to get myself a “fan group”, which to this day, I still use as a “but you guys never had a fan group, did you?” to the other hosts. This was the year of the attack macaques joke that now is mentioned in every subsequent show.

This is the first year rasdio managed to break 1000 pounds, we ended up raising £7,005 in 24 hours. The excitement that I hear in our voices every time that we reach a milestone is one of the best things to go back and listen to. It was a genuine surprise as I think we all felt that we were going to help a lot of charities and that we had a lot of support as we were doing a good thing.

Since then we have managed to break the record of the year before. Raising even more money than we every imagined. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of this without all of you, those who donate, those who choose to listen and participate during the show. We would be able to do this without you, so thank you! (and make sure you tune in this year!)